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Our Products

  • Lanco Type Bolt & Pipe Threading Chaser

  • Lanco Type Bolt & Pipe Threading Chaser

General Specification:

We offer a wide collection of Tangential Chaser such as thread cutting chaser, pipe threading chaser, bolt threading chaser and rod threading chaser. We stand amid the well known steel tangential chasers suppliers in India. We are specialized ROHITA Industries tangential chaser manufacturer. This Threading Tangential Chaser is manufactured from metallurgical standard proven imported high speed steel. These ROHITA Industries Tangential Chasers are designed as per international threading standard, which assist us in manufacturing natural and fine threads. These Landis tangential chasers are available in various lengths ranging from 1" to 6"depending on the size of the die head. BSP, BSPT, NPT, UNF, UNC, BSW threads that can be excellently and easily be cut on this tangential chaser.


ROHITA Tangential Chasers are manufactured from imported High Speed Steel which must pass exacting metallurgical standard. Experienced heat treatment with the automatic imported heat treatment plant and imported Testing equipments, assures that they will perform satisfactorily in service and produce quality threads within the tolerance for which they ware intended.

ROHITA Chaser are interchangeable. If one Pc. Of a chaser set is damaged & is beyond use. Then same No. pc. Of the other chaser set lying in stock may be used and there will not be any difference in threading performance and the damaged set can be replaced without the necessity of replacing entire set.

Die-Head Size
Holder Set/Sets (Provided)
Chaser Section
1/4" to 1"
1/4" to 1"
3" x 1.3/64 (Set of 4 Pcs)
3/8" to 1. 1/2"
3/8" to 1. 1/2"
4" x 1.3/64 (Set of 4 Pcs)
1/2" to 2.1/2"
1/2" to 1. 1/2" & 1.5/8 to 2.1/2"
4" x 1.1/4" (Set of 4 Pcs)
1" to 4"
1" to 2"
2.1/2" to 4"
4" x 1.1/4" (Set of 4 Pcs)
5" x 2.1/4" (Set of 4 Pcs)
2.1/2" to 6"
2.1/2" to 3"
3.1/2" to 4"
4.1/2" to 6"
5" x 2.1/4" (Set of 6 Pcs)
4" to 8"
4" to 5.1/2"
5.1/2" to 8"
5" x 2.1/4" (Set of 6 Pcs)