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Our Products

Pipe End Facing Machines for All Type of Pipes

Size in Inches : 1/2" to 2.1/2" ,  1" to 4" ,  2.1/2" to 6" ,  4" to 8",   4" to 16" . Size in MM  :12mm to 65mm, 25mm to 105mm, 50mm to 155mm, 100mm to 205mm, 100mm to 406mm.

Pipe End Facing Machine is used to Chamfering and Deburring of the Pipes before Threading operation and Galvanizing. The Job is chamfered from the External, Internal and Front Face Three different tools. The Job remains still and the Facing Head rotates. The Slide manually move towards Facing Head for Chamfering. The Machine mainly consists of the following: -

  • Bed
  • Head Stock
  • Clamping Vice
  • Saddle
Sr. No. Pipe Nominal Bore Spindle RPM App. Pipe Threading Power HP Required RPM
1 1/2" to 2-1/2" 120, 175 & 240 3 1430
2 2.1/2" to 6" 70, 125 & 195 5 960
3 4" to 8" 60, 75 & 90 7.5 960